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During your evening at EAT dumpling school you will make four different dumplings from different regions in China under supervision by the restaurant’s Chinese dumpling chefs.

You will be taught how to make dumplings in various forms and shapes. The seasoning and shape of a dumplings vary a lot in Chinas regions.

The dumpling trend has grown much stronger the last couple of years and it’s time that Swedes learn what really good dumplings are like. There is an infinite number of versions of dumplings in the Chinese kitchen.

Every class is finished off with at dinner where our students eat the dumplings they’ve made. Dumpling chefs Jiao Wang Hong Mei and Chen Xueqin rank your dumplings and choose a winner of the evening. The prize is an equipment to be able to start making dumplings at home.

Our dumpling chefs are two of the chefs EAT has hand picked for their kitchen to be able to serve genuine Chinese dishes of the highest quality.

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