When eating at EAT you can enjoy Chinese cooking at its best. EAT present flavors you haven’t tried before. Several Chinese chefs from Beijing and Changchun are hired to guarantee the Chinese flavors and inspire our Swedish chefs.

EAT has actually two restaurants. EAT Bistro offers you the best from several Chinese regions. In the center is the Jade bar with its exciting cocktail menu. In EAT Bistro you can eat “China Style” which means sharing the courses around the table. EAT Bistro offers many small and larger Chinese courses and a set menu as well.

EAT Market is a faster alternative that serves delicacies from Asia. Stop for lunch, a glass of wine, beer or eat sushi or some small courses while doing your shopping or meet your friends for After work.

Last, but not least, EAT’s terrace is our garden in the middle of the city where warm summer nights are best spent. Simply a relaxed place to have snacks, drinks and listen to music.

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