Happy New Year! The Chinese New Year is celebrated between Feburary 19 which is New Year’s Day for the year of the goat and March 5, the festival of the lantern which ends New Year’s celebration. EAT offers a New Year’s menu during February 16 and March 7:

New Year’s menu EAT 2015
Shrimp dumpling with lime and scallion
Ginger flavoured pork wontons with ginger, apple and Yuzu
Chili roasted softshell crab with peanuts and salad
Grilled oyster with fried garlic and lemon
Roasted scallops, Sichuan pepper and coriander
Chinese BBQ ribs, caramelized bread
Crispy sesame bundle, mango and coconut cream


(EAT Classic menu is replaced with the New Year menu during this period)

    • Nu börjar det kinesiska nyåret närma sig sitt slut. Se till att komma in och smaka på vår härliga nyårs meny innan den 7 mars. Välkomma in! #EAT#Newyear#chinese
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